The Balance Concept in Nursing

Balance is a concept long recognized in many fields of endeavor and applied in practically all areas of life. Nursing, as part of the health care profession, has its own uses for the concept of balance.

This book attempts to explain the nature of balance through five universal elements that support the survival of human beings: adaptation, equilibrium, homeostasis, needs, and health. Human behavior instinctively, purposefully, and naturally defines the way we respond to forces and influences both within and outside the human body. A state of balance/imbalance emerges as these elements interact with each other.

Built on a theoretical framework with underpinnings from various social, physical, and psychological sciences, this book advocates a novel health-illness continuum using the concept of balance as a multidisciplinary lens. What makes this book unique is its development of the Balance Health Nursing Model framework as basis for nursing assessment and practice. It highlights the role of culture in defining human behavior, leading to better understanding and improved multiculturally inclusive nursing care.