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Book Catalog 579

Pag Mabilis Na Umalis Baka Di Naman Talaga Du...
By Tolentino, Rolando B.

Linara Nga Mga Pulong Woven Words Mga Siday/P...
By Bagulaya, Jose Duke S.

The Vocal Repertoire of the Ibaloi From Kabay...
By Santos, Ramon Pagayon. National Artist for Music

Balanakon Sugidanon (Epics) of Panay Book 7
By Magos, Alicia P. & Ramirez, Anna Razel Limoso

Bright Sign, Bright Age Critical: Essays in P...
By Garcia, J. Neil C.

Press: 100 Love Letters
By Fantauzzo, Laurel Flores & Rendle-Short, Francesca

Core Concepts of Calculus with Applications
By Danao, Rolando A.

Scripted By Men Not By Fate Andres Bonifacio...
By Borromeo-Buehler, Soledad

Accidents Of Composition … there could be a...
By Bobis, Merlinda

Southern Stories and Strays
By Paulma, Elena

The Nation in Our Hearts: Essays In Mindanao
By Alamon, Arnold P.

Through A Glass, Darkly by Francisco Arcellan...
By Arcellana, Juaniyo

Black Arcadia
By Muslim, Kristine Ong

Then, Beast: Poems
By Carreon, Shane

Awareness of Light: Handbook and Archives of...
By Matsumoto, Naomi "Shoko"

The Murmur Asylum Poems (Reprint)
By Parfan, Ned