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Book Catalog 649

Philippine Folk Literature: The Myths
By Eugenio, Damiana L.

Spectator Gems
By Mendoza, Al S.

Working Women of Manila in the Nineteenth Cen...
By Camagay. Ma. Luisa T.

We Chose Peace An Insider's Story of the Bang...
By Ferrer, Miriam Coronel

Spectator Gems
By Mendoza, Al S.

Mga Dahong Unang Nalagas Kasaysayang Taong La...
By Paz, Victor

The Myth of the Barangay and Other Silenced H...
By Woods, Damon L.

Lila Ang Kulay Ng Pamamaalam Nobela Binagong...
By Topacio-Aplaon, RM

Horror Filipino Fiction for Young Adults (Rep...
By Alfar, Dean Francis & Yu, Kenneth

A History of the Philippines
By Tan, Samuel K.

The Garden of Wordlessness: Selected Poems
By Garcia, Neil J.

Maliit na Bagay Lang ang Nakakapuwing
By Rodriguez, Rommel B.

Turno Kong Nokturno Mga Bago at Piling Tula (...
By Antonio, Lamberto E.

Tunogtugan Twenty Essays on Musical and Sonic...
By Santos, Ramon Pagayon

Observing the Filipino Family (A Filipino Soc...
By Medina, Belen Tan - Gatue

Wild City A Photographic Guide to Amphibians,...
By Gan, Jelaine; Constantino, Trinket; & Favis, Abby