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Ramón Guillermo’s enthusiasm has kindled the interest of the other scholars (Myfel Joseph D. Paluga, Maricor Soriano, and Vernon R. Totanes) who have contributed to this volume. The general approach of this invisible faculty contrasts greatly with the amateurish interpretations tinged…Read More

If the monologic force of narration produces a nation, orosipon, an old Bikol word for story, interrupts this production by telling a different story or different stories. Coming from the root word osip which approximates “tell,” orosipon points to more than one person involved in the act of telling… Read More

HALAKHAK is an examination of how humor is deployed in Philippine popular cultural forms, a response to the paucity of studies in which Filipino humor is analyzed. In attempting to provide a definition of Filipino national humor, it examines popular cultural forms as repositories of different… Read More

Science Philippines Volume IV is the fifth and last in a series of books on popular science articles written by Filipino scientists, science educators, and administrators about their work and related studies done by others in the Philippines and the rest of the world. The first four…Read More

This collection of fiction and nonfiction pieces is peopled by women who live or come from Mindanao, that “faraway” place in the Philippine South known for its political wars and religious strife. But this book is not about that. It is about a warehouse, fermented fish, water pipes, bougainvilleas…Read More

Tilt Me and I Bend, Ned Parfan’s second collection of poetry, is the quintessential topography of contradicting desires. Unlike its precedent that forays into self-reflexivity (an open challenge for the darker Id to surface, or at least amend its misgivings), this collection is…Read More