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Is it the sun
a hole
sucking in a bird
or Icarus about
to singe the sun?…Read More

To write in Waray is a long and lonely struggle. The readership is miniscule, and publication is a long shot. One writes with a fear that all the poems will come to naught for lack of support from the general public and the institutions of government. One writes with a feeling that writing in the mother… Read More

Sa ikatlong koleksyon ng maikling kwento ni Rolando B. Tolentino, ang mga iglap ay hitik sa kwento ng paglisan, pagdating, di pagbalik, pag-aantay, paglagi—pero parating puno ng pagtatagpo. Ang eksena ng tagpuan ay enkapsuladong sandali at sityo ng mga realidad, fantasya, angas, labis at… Read More

Meet the various characters of the Sinagnayan epic: Sarandihon, a skillful fighter who can wrap his enemies with blazing fire; Laonsina, archdeity from the upper world who settles conflicts in the pagtung-an (middle world); Labaw Donggon (Abaw) who is tasked by his strong-willed wife with…Read More

This book compiles prose works (other than short stories) of National Artist Francisco Arcellana, comprising of columns written just after the Pacific War, introductions to books of fellow writers, commencement speeches, interviews with students, and papers delivered on the…Read More

The Ibaloi have a rich patrimony of vocal expressions, from ritualistic forms of communication and narratives to allegorical songs and witty repartees. These embody the depth and fullness of the Ibaloi persona in their textual contents, most especially those that were conveyed extemporaneously and…Read More