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The challenge of cultivating a “critical life” for any Filipino book is, admittedly, a tough one to hurdle. These last two years especially we [in the University of the Philippines Press] have been doing our darnedest in this regard—by holding forums and symposiums, and yes, sponsoring a…Read More

JOY IS AT best a fleeting feeling in which the women of How to Pacify a Distraught Infant barely have the time or opportunity to bask, yet it is with emphatic and enduring joy that I celebrate the publication of… Read More

This is an analytical study of crucial documents that shed light on the last few months of Andres Bonifacio’s life in the province of Cavite. On the basis of its findings, the study calls for a drastic revision of the historiography of those events dealing with… Read More

SiningSaysay tells the story of the Filipino nation through twenty-nine magnificent, large-scale paintings, each measuring twelve feet wide and six feet high. The paintings were created by a select group of twenty-seven esteemed..Read More

How does anyone write about love?
The Chinese Love Letter, or kuih kapit, is a hot-pressed coconut wafer biscuit eaten traditionally during Chinese New Year. It is a way of celebrating beginnings at the start of a new year; it is an offering of sweetness at …Read More

From the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, Spanish missionaries collected, studied, and made records of Philippine medicinal plants and herbs that Filipino traditional medical practitioners or herbolarios had been …Read More