Demons of the New Year An Anthology of Horror Fiction from the Philippines

Demons of the New Year: An Anthology of Horror Fiction from the Philippines represents horror written by Filipino writers elaborating on the unique perspective of local horror. These are more than just rehashed tales from the provinces about Filipino mythological monsters like the aswang and the tikbalang. Nor are these your run-of-the-mill ghost stories told thrice over during sleepovers, with a flashlight shining in your face and your kumot pulled over your head.
Within these pages, you will find tales of haunted houses, demon hunters, monster pop stars, and more. And though you may think them familiar, this is because these stories have been twisted to fit nicely into their niches within the strange East-meets-West collective psyche of Filipinos.
Welcome to the darkness that feeds on Filipino nightmares. But remember: don’t let them in.
About the Editors
Karl R. De Mesa is the author of the books of horror fiction News of the Shaman (Visprint) and Damaged People (UP Press). The former was a nominee in the 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards. His most recent book is Report from the Abyss (Visprint), a collection of essays and nonfiction released in 2013. He has been chosen twice as a writing fellow by the UP National Writers’ Workshop and attended the ADMU National Writers’ Workshop. He is a journalist and media editor. He plays guitar for drone metal outfit Gonzo Army. He is not possessed by demons.
Joseph F. Nacino has had stories published in Kenneth Yu’s The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories and the Philippine Speculative Fiction series edited by Dean Francis Alfar, as well as in Vincent Michael Simbulan’s A Time of Dragons anthology, Playboy Philippines magazine, and the one-shot FHM Ladies’ Confessions Erotica Special. One of his stories won first place in Fully Booked and Neil Gaiman’s Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards in 2007 and came out in the collected print edition published by the award-giving body. The same story was later reprinted online in the Fantasy Magazine (now Lightspeed) website. He published three online anthologies showcasing local speculative fiction writing under his online imprint Estranghero Press: The Farthest Shore (fantasy), Demons of the New Year (horror), and Diaspora Ad Astra (science fiction).
He can sometimes be found at his blog Grin without the Cat,